Black Mirror Poster Set

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Minimal poster designs for  Charlie Brooker’s dark, yet  fantastic Black Mirror trilogy on C4.

I tried to keep the design as basic as possible to create something that was visually different from what you would expect

The first poster I used the pig, as that seemed to be the part that everyone was talking about the most from the ‘National Anthem’ episode. Crude, but effective.

The ’15 million merits’ poster was a slightly trickier one. In the end I settled on the shard of glass that is used by Bing. I was struck by the fact he became a sell out, and had a special case for his glass shard. It was depressing really.

Finally the third instalment that sees a near future where you are able to “Re -Do” memories, either in your head, or on a screen. A frankly scary glimpse into what could be. I chose to use images based on the storage and playback of those memories.

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