A Twitter Concept

This might already exist and if it does then please let me know. BUT I was struck about tweaks to Twitter that would perhaps work well – that people may actually appreciate.

It would be cool to curate the content of our tweets a little more closely. The easiest way to explain it would be a love-child between G+ circles and Pinterest boards. We all tweet about a wide variety of things – day to day bits & more niche interests. Sometimes we follow a friend who’s daily tweets about their day are of interest to us – but who might also tweet about golfing results – wasted tweets that we skim over as they are of no interest to us.

Similarly we may follow someone who tweets about a particular interest of ours – a sports journalist for example, who gives us up to date information on our team, but who’s tweets about their personal life we don’t care for. It’s a familiar problem – especially as very few people tweet about a single subject, Twitter is about having a personality.

So why not allow for tweets to be categorised? You could create your own categories and select what type of tweet you’re posting. The best part is that it could be optional. Everyone would have ‘General’ by default – where all tweets go, with the option of creating specific categories like “Football” “Work” or “University” or similar. When people follow you, they automatically follow everything. Then if they get tired of your tweets in the “Gaming” category, they can unfollow that category of tweets. Or if you just want someone’s “music” category but not their general tweets you can follow a single category.

[How it could look]

This would allow for people to curate their feed to cater to their specific tastes whilst still allowing for people to retain their Twitter persona.

Categorising could also mean people could search through your previous tweets in the same category a lot easier – improving the user experience. Privacy could also be taken into consideration – perhaps some categories could be restricted like the current system twitter employs with the little padlock. Maybe you want to lock down certain conversation topics out of public view without shutting off your entire feed?

[different examples of categories – ‘work’ is set to private]

This isn’t an unrealistic option to tidy up Twitter feeds – we don’t see conversations between people unless we follow both the participants and Twitter is still growing with user behaviour evolving.

So Twitter HQ… if you’re reading… Drop me a line.

What do you think?

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