The Awkward Moment When China Doesn’t Translate Your Poster

About 12 months ago I posted a spoof poster advertising/mocking the iPhone 5 (original post here)



I actually liked the art direction of the poster, using the apple logo within the number 5 is a neat touch I feel. I went with the slightly sarcastic (yet somewhat true) strapline of “Because you have more money than sense” – my little dig at apple fanboys who just can’t help but snap up the latest apple goodies.

Overall I was happy with the design, it was a bit of a laugh and I re-shared it earlier this month when the phone was actually released. I thought that would be it, just another portfolio piece done.

So Imagine my surprise when my friend texts me to say that Sabotage Times had posted a photo to their Facebook account showing an apple retailer in China that was proudly displaying my poster in their shop window:




I have no idea where or when the photo was taken – I’d love to find out though.

Obviously my sarcasm doesn’t translate well in the far east.

6 Replies to “The Awkward Moment When China Doesn’t Translate Your Poster”

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